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KAI Services

Tailored specifically for the analysis of conversations in the healthcare, sales, and marketing KAI uses a unique combination of pioneering AI software, overlaid with expert human insight and leading industry research to offer three key services: KAI individual conversation analyser, KAI insight report, and KAI market insight summary.

Talking in Headset

Individual conversation analysis reveals insights around the quality of interactions, revealing how messages are being delivered and received, the physical delivery of the conversation, the type of language being used, and the outcomes achieved.

KAI Conversation Analyser

Financial Report

KAI Insights Report

Tailored insight reports can uncover the true capability of sales teams in relation to their customer engagement, the results of which can then be analysed in line with industry benchmarks in order to help the growth of individuals and brands as a whole.

Financial Report

KAI Market Insights

Market insight reports reflect the reaction of customers towards specific brands, treatments, and disease topics. Reports can be delivered with a frequency to suit the brand's lifecycle stage and the scope of markets.

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